Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts have the highest load capacity of all types of work platforms. Up to 3 workers can be lifted to complete the most demanding jobs. With a straight, vertical elevation, they are really simple to use. Extremely flexible, electric scissor lifts offer more compact dimensions than diesel versions, they have the ability to work both indoors and outdoors. Scissor Lift is driven by hydraulic principle. Hydraulic motor supply power for driving and lifting. It is different drive model with Electrical drive.

Hydraulic self propelled scissor lift is famous for its high precision, great sensitivity, low ware and lower noise. Units come complete with hand or foot controls as standard and are ready to be plugged in, in order that they can go to work to assist the operators. Models operate in the “up” direction by depressing the “up” control button which starts the pump unit. Level and position is maintained against a check valve built into the pump unit, therefore, any desired height can be achieved and maintained. All pivot and wear points are equipped with specially hardened pins or bearings to minimize maintenance.